Macau casino closed for half a month, Sands Macao loses 16.8 million RMB every day

KUALA LUMPUR: On the afternoon of February 4, the Chief Executive of Macau Special Administrative Region He Yicheng announced that in order to prevent the spread of the epidemic, he planned to suspend the gaming and entertainment industry for half a month. Affected by the spread of the new coronavirus, Macau casinos will be temporarily closed.

Previously, Macau had temporarily closed casinos due to the super typhoon "Mangosteen". However, it was only closed for 33 hours, not as long as 15 days this time. As soon as the news came out, Hong Kong Macau gambling stocks plummeted. From 0:00 on February 5, the plan was formally implemented. All 41 gaming establishments, cinemas, theaters, indoor playgrounds, and bars in Macau were closed.

Why did Macau casinos close for half a month? According to the official website of the Macau Special Administrative Region Government, on February 4, Macau added 2 new cases of pneumonia caused by the new coronavirus, a total of 10 cases. The ninth case was infected while visiting the home of the eighth confirmed patient to pay a New Year greeting. It was the first case of human-to-human transmission in Macau.

On February 4, the Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region He Yicheng stated that the ninth case of a confirmed case of novel coronavirus pneumonia was engaged in the gambling industry. After consulting with Academician Zhong Nanshan on the phone, Macau decided to request the gambling industry and related entertainment industry to suspend business for half a month.

Some people wonder, is an employee infected needed to get as far as closing so many stores?

In fact, Macau has only 676,000 people, but there have been 10 confirmed cases of new coronavirus pneumonia. The number of confirmed cases per 10,000 people in Macau is second only to Hubei and Zhejiang, and the situation is grim. There are more than 60,000 people in Macau's gambling industry. Once the virus spreads in crowded places such as casinos, the consequences will be disastrous.

Therefore, during the face of this epidemic, most players that could not hold onto their urge to gamble switched to online gambling to avoid human-to-human contact, and to prevent the spread and infection of the epidemic. In the case of resisting the spread of the new coronavirus, players can easily enjoy online gaming and entertainment games without leaving home, especially the entertainment platform is extremely popular with everyone right now.

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All players are urged to reduce going out, stay vigilant against viruses, and play gambling and entertainment games in a timely and appropriate manner for fun.

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    • Wilson Tan
      Sadly could'nt gamble during this period.
    • Josephine Ong
      The timing of this couldn't be better, my husband and I are struggling to pay the bills and this could be our answer.
    • Arjun Arasu
      The news is so heavy, I'll just play league and stop betting LOL!
      • Yvonne Chia
        Someone go and try Asiabet33 to see if it's fun or truly safe or not, pls let me know, i need money :(
    • Naresh Kumar
      @Wong Just to let you know, people didn’t force you to play. Why are you so furious?
    • Jian Hui Ng
      What exactly is Asiabet33, you don’t even explain clearly, this editor is too bad. Jokes on you!!!!
    • Amelina
      Gambling is not good, so take this opportunity to stop.
    • Jocelyn Yew
      There are rumors that Asiabet33 seems to be more fun. There are many types of games and it is easier to get money. Is anyone playing this game?
    • Hui Yii
      Losing so much money, I don’t even know how many years it will take to earn back. RIP Sands Macau.
    • Serena Lee
      @Jason It’s horrible, my hands are itchy too, it’s so tempting to try and play online casinos haha
    • Jason Lim
      Ah, my hands are so itchy, i missed the days i keep gambling and win a lot of cash so i bought my that they are closed, i cant buy my new bungalow already :'(