Singapore Marina Bay Sands Casino is accused of money laundering! US Department of Justice intervenes

KUALA LUMPUR: The Marina Bay Sands Casino, which Singapore has always been proud of, has recently become involved in a lawsuit due to a scandal, and it has also alarmed the intervention of many parties including the US Department of Justice. What exactly is this matter about?

Currently, the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating whether the Marina Bay Sands Casino has violated the anti-money laundering regulations. The US authorities have issued a grand jury invoice to a former chief compliance officer of Marina Bay Sands Casino, requesting a conversation or providing relevant documents and information about another former employee. In addition, a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Attorney's Office said that it could not confirm or deny whether an investigation was underway.

The Casino Control Bureau emphasized that the authorities will work to ensure that local casinos, including the Marina Bay Sands Casino, are protected from criminal influence or exploitation. The authorities also take seriously for any allegations of illegal money making transactions. In addition, according to people familiar with the matter, local regulators also require Marina Bay Sands Casino to review its third-party transfer procedures. The authorities also stated that Singapore is requiring casinos to implement internal controls, check the authorization of fund transfers, and comply with the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. As a world-renowned country with strict laws, Singapore will surely conduct follow-up investigations seriously.

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    • Alan Yang
      How could there be such a scandal, who can tell me the details? Also share the alternate opportunity to make money!
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      The news is still misty in the fog, but I feel like you can try online gambling.
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      I really want to go to the Marina Bay Sands Casino to play too, but I seem to like to play online more now haha. Asiabet33 is really good. I tried it after i have read it from other news platform.
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        It’s always bad to gamble, just play it for fun should be fine tho.
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      I think online gambling is good. My friends around me are all playing. Is Asiabet33 really that fun tho?
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      IMO, im not gonna bet myself. But there are really too many online casino platforms to choose from and a lot people are being cheated by it. Be careful to avoid getting into the pit too. Before you play, read the comments and evaluations. Pay attention to the transfer. I hope everyone wins tho. So everyone in SG can get wealthier so our country will improve!
    • Phoebe Chan
      I heard that Asiabet33 has expanded to other countries, i wonder should it change name to Internationalbet33? LOL.
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      It should be legal, and you don’t need to wait long to get the money out..
    • Deborah Ng
      @Wang I do agree with you, but also small amount of betting could be fun too. Just control how you bet and you should be fine.
    • Wang Yi Rong
      Gambling hurts you, don't be addicted to it!