The Sun City Group has become a veritable "Pig Slaughter House", incoming gamblers can only lose and never win

KUALA LUMPUR: Vicious groups took advantage of outbound tourism that went straight to the Mong Cai Casino to engage in illegal and criminal activities. Liu Gang’s evil groups set up "games" in the gambling game to induce gamblers to submit. The gambling funds involved amounted to more than 6 million yuan.

In June 2018, Zhang leased and operated the Sun City Casino located on the second floor of Hongyun Casino in Mong Cai City, Vietnam. In order to find more customers, Liu Gang and others targeted domestic gamblers and arranged a "comfortable itinerary" for them: for gamblers with passports, special persons would order round-trip air tickets, apply for visas, and arrange food for them and also shuttle bus. For gamblers who do not have passports, a special person will organizes smuggling from Dongxing to Mong Cai.

After the gambler entered the casino, Liu Gang and others agreed to exchange their homemade chips that were not interoperable with the Hongvan Casino for the gambler to use for gambling, and induced the gambler to first sign an agreement on the transfer or guarantee of assets such as real estate, mountains, forests, lands, and companies before lending The bargaining chip is accompanied by a special person to accompany the gambler, and professionals are arranged to control the winning or losing of the game through technical means. The Sun City Casino has become a veritable "pig slaughter house", and gamblers who enter the game only lose and will never win.

On the morning of October 12, 2018, while Wang Guofeng was detained in a room on the second floor of Villa No. 25, Liu Gang threatened him that he would have to peel off his skin if he couldn't collect any money from him. At about 8 o'clock in the evening, Liu Gang took a knife about 80 cm long to the room where Wang Guofeng was detained and threatened him again: If you don't pay the money by tomorrow, you will be hacked to death.

On June 30, 2019, the Dongxing City Procuratorate accepted the case of criminal suspect Liu Gang and other 6 suspects of illegal detention, and quickly established a case-handling team led by the chief prosecutor. On October 25, 2019, the Dongxing City Procuratorate filed a public prosecution to the Dongxing City Court on suspicion of illegal detention, organized others to cross the border, gambling, Jiang Yuncheng and others on suspicion of illegal detention.

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    • Agustus Lee
      @Raja You are racist as fuck, why do you have to even bring up your Al-Quran? Also wishing people to die is just making yourself looks bad. If you dont like gamblers then just dont gamble, you dont have to wish them all to die, they might have their problems too that caused them submit to gamble. I guess your bible didnt teach you to be more rational huh?
    • Raja Syahfiq
      Thats what you get for gambling, all gamblers should just die, you all risked the life not only to yourself but also your families. Im glad Al-Quran dont encourage us to gamble haha.
    • Elena Peii
      It's really scary. It's not enough to defraud directly, and you have to deceive people to sign this or that.
      • Riya Khanna
        This is because the gamblers went voluntarily too, but fraud is really the same thing, it’s overly exaggerated.
    • Johan Mohd.
      @Wang Yes, I saw a lot of people introduced it, it feels really good!
    • Wang Xi Lew
      Is Asiabet33 really that fun? Did somebody already try it out? Who wants to try and play together with me haha?
    • Peii Yuu
      Gambling right now is getting more and more dangerous. It’s better to play online gambling at home i guess haha. At least you dont have to risk waiting people to hack you to death XD
    • Christina Lee
      I heard that Asiabet33 is getting bigger and bigger, and it is also very safe. It helped me and my bf through the difficulties during the CCB period.
    • Ong Bee
      Trying for fun is good, just dont overly commit yourself.
    • Jacqueline Xiu
      @Wang Dont be a hypocrite.Don’t throw it all in. There are restrictions on playing, and you won’t be scolding when you win.
    • Zhang Xiu Bo
      Don’t believe this news, gambling is not good! They tooked all my money!