Beginning with the “biggest poppy” of online gambling: Sun City Zhou Zhuohua became the “New Asian Gambling King”

KUALA LUMPUR: The Philippines and Cambodia Suncity online gambling platform controlled by "Asia's New Gambling King" Zhou Zhuohua (nicknamed Xi Mihua). Chinese gamblers use live video streaming to place bets remotely. They can win or lose in a moment and can participate in gambling overseas without leaving their homes.

This online gambling platform with online gambling licenses in the Philippines and Cambodia has penetrated deeply into the mainland of China. The annual bet amount of Suncity online gambling in the mainland is more than one trillion yuan, and its annual profit is as high as tens of billions. These funds flow overseas through underground banks. Experts call it the "biggest poppy" blooming in China's online gambling, and believe that it has caused great harm to China's social and economic order and financial security.

The common feeling of gamblers is that because they do not have chips or cash in their hands, money exchanges are just virtual chip numbers for online gamblers. They lack psychological pressure when placing bets and are more prone to addiction. The winning and losing of online gambling is often faster than in physical casinos. With a single tap of a computer mouse or mobile phone touch screen, you may lose your house, factory and other assets in an instant.

In mainland China, such as the aforementioned gambling players who are addicted to the Suncity online gambling, they are unable to extricate themselves. After losing all their property, they borrowed money to participate in gambling. They evolved from "small gambling" to "big gambling". It is entirely possible for the dealer to intervene in the relevant results in real time through big data analysis. As long as ordinary gamblers continue to gamble for a long time, they will eventually be certain to lose everything.

With such a terrible case, one can't help but wonder whether online gaming is really so unbearable and untrustworthy? Sincerely, some online casino gamblers stated that allows you to renew your perspective on online gaming. They even acquired proper casino license such as PACGOR to ensure its legal and safe to bet.

In addition, do you suspect that game data is transmitted over the network, so it is entirely possible for the dealer to interfere with the relevant results through data analysis?

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    • Stephanie Chia
      In fact, online gambling really has to be chosen well, good ones can really win money, and bad ones will be bad luck for you.
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      Sometimes I really worry about is it fake, and probably have to try it before I know what's the truth.
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        No wonder he is so rich...are all rich people really gambling?
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      There are really too many online casino platforms, so be careful and cautious.
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      The reputation of Asiabet33 is really good, my friends around me are playing.
    • Jia Lian
      Fortunately, it is not here, otherwise how many people will become poor from gambling.
    • Alex Mun
      @Zoey Just play for fun, it is not forcing you to be desperate and lose all your money.
    • Zoey Bao
      Gambling hurts you so bad, don't be addicted to it please, it will kill you!!!