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SingPost Worker Arrested After Crashing Newly Bought Mercedes Benz in Bedok North Pile-Up

(Updated 02:20PM)

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Bedok North, Singapore – Galvin Wong (33) was arrested by Bedok Police after ramming 4 cars with his newly purchased Mercedes-Benz. What could have been a lengthy legal battle turned into a one-night inconvenience when Galvin instantly settled the cost for all damages. The crash victims were baffled when they found out that he is just a SingPost cubicle worker.

Galvin is known to his colleagues as a “bad luck magnet”. With a meager salary and burned-out disposition, netizens could not comprehend how he got his bizarre new riches. Is there an intriguing story behind his money?

Our reporter, Amanda Ho, met up with Galvin at Volare by La Barca to solve the mystery.

According to Galvin, he was so excited to bring his dream car home so he lost control of his driving. With no one harmed, he feels like fate let the accident happen so he can share the good news with everyone.”

When asked to elaborate, Galvin shared that he won $800,000 from an . “A co-worker won $5,000 last week and encouraged me to try it as well. I was always a bit unlucky so I was definitely skeptical. But I needed the money, so I did it anyway.”

With the about to expire, Galvin quickly deposited $300, unaware that this amount will mark the end of his misfortunes. On his 12th spin, he won the $800,000 mega prize of the week! He did not want to get his hopes up so he waited for a few more days for confirmation. All doubts vanished when he checked his account and saw this.

Galvin immediately bought his lifelong dream car which he ended up crashing. After giving out legal fees and apologies, he is now set to retire early and start a new lucky life.

Amanda reached out to to confirm Galvin’s story. They affirmed that he is their biggest winner in 2020, but he is not the only one. The company has relaunched the promo after Galvin’s story went viral, and so far, they have already given out $1 million in winnings. Some winners have also made headlines on winning amounts varying from $2,300 to $85,000 from the recent promotion.

Amanda wanted to see whether she has the same luck as Galvin. She played the game with the help of representative. Unfortunately, she was only able to win $500 — “Sadly, not everyone is as lucky as him!” she exclaimed.

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    • Ahmad Sharif
      I saw this on the news. Good for him!!
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    • @Nicky Drinking and smoking ruins lives as well! Majority of singaporeans does it especially drunk driving, its not even safe anymore in SG now.
    • Gambling ruins lives you stupid fucks!! Don't glamourise it when 99% of people who do it on this level will steal and destroy their friends and family's lives. My ex-husband and I divorced because of his stupid gambling habits!